Xu Weizhou fans warm public action spread positive energy star

2018-02-08 16:31:14 - Lace star

NetEase entertainment reported in February 8th January 21st, Xu Weizhou fans charity team braved the cold to Yuhua disabled health care centers, and the benefit of Beijing charity Volunteer Association of volunteers together, to accompany the children to do manual rehabilitation training, but also for their delicious dumplings.

Dumplings with fresh vegetables from the garden of love Xu Weizhou, love the little garden, 17 years by the Xu Wei delta fans fund the purchase, is for Geeker birthday gift. The fans came to Yuhua, here most of children suffering from cerebral palsy severe, life can not take care of themselves, children need more help and care. The use of fresh vegetables nutrition package, each one containing love dumplings, watching the children Dakoutaikou eating dumplings, smile is sincere and happy fans, volunteers heart is satisfied, the children were deeply moved!

All along, Xu Weizhou is the pioneer of public welfare, he is the first body to exercise, participate in many public projects and public service activities, and in activities personally asked fans to do a lot of public welfare and social returns. In response to this call, fans of babies were also carried out in the name of Xu Weizhou fans again and again from the public welfare activities, "Green Island", "public compulsory tree planting base" to send food with condolences to autism rehabilitation center and the new poor children, Li Zhai "Yuhua winter warmth" activities etc.. The meal with the idol in the public, Delta's call, fans follow the pace of efforts to serve the society geeker.

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